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BOCW Haryana Scheme: Haryana Building and Other Construction Workers ( BOCW) schemes are being provided by the Labour Department Haryana. Currently, there are 23 different scheme for male and female worker and for their families. These labour department schemes can be availed by the eligible workers who are currently paying to the Labour Department Haryana. Each employee covers under Factory act & Shop and establishment act pays 10 rupees by the employee and 20 rupees by the employer, total 30 rupees in a month and 360 rupees in a year.Labour Welfare Fund is also a part of Labour Department Haryana.LWF Haryana Schemes are here.

These 23 different schemes can be availed by the eligible worker. Below you will get to know in details the application process, eligibility, membership years, apply frequency, benefit amount etc all in details of each scheme.

Benefits in What is BOCW Haryana Scheme?

List of BOCW Haryana Scheme in Hindi & English:

Here is the list of these 23 different schemes in Hindi & English both languages.

BOCW Haryana Scheme in Hindi:

  1. मात्तृव लाभ
  2. पित्तृव लाभ
  3. शिक्षा के लिए वित्तिय सहायता
  4. औजार (टूल किट) खरीदने हेतु उपदान
  5. मुख्यमंत्री महिला श्रमिक सम्मान योजना
  6. साईकिल योजना
  7. कन्यादान योजना
  8. कन्यादान योजना (शादी से तीन दिन पहले)
  9. बच्चों की शादी पर सहायता
  10. पैतृक घर जाने पर किराया
  11. मुफ्त भ्रमण सुविधा (धारा
  12. अक्षम बच्चों को वित्तीय सहायता
  13. अंपगता सहायता
  14. अंपगता पैंशन
  15. चिकित्सा सहायता
  16. घातक बीमारियों के ईलाज के लिए वित्तिय सहायता
  17. मकान की खरीद/निर्माण हेतु ऋण
  18. पेंशन की योजना
  19. परिवारिक पेंशन
  20. मुख्यमंत्री सामजिक सुरक्षा योजना
  21. मृत्यु सहायता
  22. दाह संस्कार हेतु आर्थिक सहायता
  23. अपंजीकृत श्रमिक की मृत्यु पर

BOCW Haryana Scheme in English:

  • Maternity benefits
  • Pittreative benefits
  • Financial Assistance for Education
  • Subsidy for buying tools
  • Chief Minister of Women’s Workers’ Welfare Scheme
  • Cycle Scheme
  • Kanyadan Yojana
  • Kanyadan Yojana
  • Support for the marriage of children
  • Rent on the ancestral home
  • Free Touring Facility
  • Financial support to disabled children
  • Unpaid Support
  • Unpaid Pension
  • Medical Assistance
  • Financial aid for the treatment of deadly diseases
  • Loan to purchase/construction of the house
  • Pension plans
  • Family pension
  • Chief Minister Social Security Scheme
  • Death Support
  • Financial Assistance for cremation
  • On the death of unregistered workers

For more detailed information on each BOCW Haryana Scheme, you can also visit the official site of the Labour Department Haryana by clicking here.

How to Register online for BOCW Haryana Scheme:

To register yourself online for BOCW Haryana Scheme, you can follow below steps:

  • Visit the official site of Labour Department Haryana
  • Click on BOCW ( Building & Construction..)
  • Click on that icon and proceed as shown below.

BOCW Haryana Scheme

BOCW Haryana Scheme Register Link

  • A new window will come up that includes instructions & terms and conditions.
  • Accept that and click submit
  • Further, it will ask you to enter your Aadhar card number, Name and Fathers name.
  • To verify your Aadhar card, it will show several options to complete the process by
    • BOCW worker

    • Department officer
    • Shop & Commercial Establishment
    • Factory establishment
  • You can complete the verification process with any one of these above-given options.
  • Further, your personal information tab will open
  • You will have to enter all mandatory information like,
    • Aadhar number, Bank account number, mobile number current & permanent address, valid email id etc
  • You will have to update your scanned passport size photograph too, click save.
  • Now you have successfully registered and you can now apply for the eligible schemes.

This is the complete process for registration of BOCW Haryana Scheme. For any query or help leave us a comment in the below comment box on BOCW Haryana Scheme

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  1. sukhbeer singh says:

    hello sir i register my self but when i tried to login it shows invalid id password….

    • HRD Info says:

      Dear singh, thank you for writing us.
      In reply to your query, you need to select”BOCW USER” rather than leaving it blank or choosing another option.

      If you have successfully registered than you can login without any problem.

  2. Dashrath Prajapati says:

    How to registration for company

  3. SUSHIL says:

    Sir want form XVII of bocw haryana to avail scholarship how I get this form.

    • HRD Info says:

      Dear Sushil.. now no offline papers r required…. You can register online and apply. Yes u need to upload scanned attested certificate and other documents