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Labour Department Haryana Online Registration: Labour department Haryana is situated in 30 bays building, Sector 17. Chandigarh. Factory act, 1948  and Shops & commercial establishment Act 1958. Labour Welfare Fund is a compliance part of these. Labour Welfare Fund, as the name suggests provide financial help to the employees who cover under Factory act or Shops & commercial establishment Act.

What is Labour Welfare Fund?

Labour Department Haryana Online Registration offers twenty-two different schemes for the employees. Employee and Employer Pay 10 & 20 Rupees respectively on annual basis to the labor welfare fund. There is a salary band of up to 20000/- Gross salary. An employee having salary up to 20000 gross can apply for these schemes. Also, there is minimum & maximum employment tenure is mentioned. Employees up to supervisorial level can apply for these schemes. The employee can avail these benefits for him/her self as well as for family members or the guardians.  You can also see detailed information cum eligibility for LWF schemes from here

Here you will get to know the registration process for labor welfare fund schemes online. Now labor welfare fund schemes can be applied through online mode only. Labour Department Haryana Online Registration there is no need to submit the hard cop or the form of the schemes at local LWF office.

Required Information on Online Registration Process:

Before we proceed to know the Labour Department Haryana Online Registration Process, the employee should make sure that his/her name along with Aadhar card number, ESI number, Salary, Age, and qualifications details are updated in the employer/company portal of Labour Welfare fund, only then you will be able to register online. Because at last your employer will approve or reject you online applied scheme. Below is the snapshot of details on employer portal. Also, note that your employment duration will be considered on your contribution basis.

let’s take an example. 

Say your date of joining is 13.04.2016. And as on dated 13.04.2018, you are completing complete 2 years of employment. But as per Labour Department, Haryana for scheme eligibility your employment duration will be considered up to 31.12.2017. According to this, your employment duration is 1 years and 8 months. The reason, as mentioned above your contribution is being paid on annual basis( Jan to Dec ). your contribution from 1sy Jan 2018 to April 2018 and up to of Dec will be paid in Jan 2019.

Labour Department Haryana Online Registration Process:

If your personal information, as mentioned above are updated by your employer then you can follow below-given steps for online registration, if not you are suggested to get in touch with your company’s HRD and ask them to update the same. After that, you can follow below given steps.Labour Department Haryana Online Registration

  • Visit the official website of Labour Department Haryana.
  • Down the main menu, there are multiple square boxes choose“Online Registration- Haryana Labour Welfare board, Welfare Scheme”
  • Basic Instructions and outline, User manuals and steps to follow. Read them carefully.
  • Select(tick) the guidance for online services  & click submit.
  • Verification option will appear on your screen.

Online Verification by Aadhar Card:

  • As shown below you will have to select any one of them to verify your Aadhar number.
    • Welfare worker: means yourself, OTP will be received on your mobile number. By entering OTP you can confirm and  get registered successfully
    • Department Officer: Department officer can also register yourself. Generally, they do if you are facing any technical issue or so. Department officer will confirm by entering his/her Aadhar number, password, and your Aadhar card number.
    • Shop  Establishment:  If your employer comes under Shop & Commercial act, then you can register yourself with the help of your employer by selecting this option. The employer needs employers login id & password to complete the registration.
    • Factory Establishment:  If your employer falls under Factory act, then you can register yourself with the help of your employer by selecting this option.The employer needs employers login id & password and worker’s/employee’s Aadhar number to complete the registration

Complete the online Registration:

After confirming the opt, the user will have to enter his/her critical information like ban account etc.To complete the Labour Department Haryana Online Registration for LWF  click on the below given link. 

  “Click here to process for further steps/instructions.“ 

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